We, at Trusted Movers, understand the value of your precious time. We are well prepared to assist you with our professional packing capabilities to spare you the time to handle more pressing matters.

With many years of experience leading the moving industry, we’ve learned the fundamental basics for an efficient packing. We offer a wide variety of packing services, whether it’s just packing few items or packing your entire home or business – we can do it all for you!

When you choose the “Full Packing” option, you can rest assured that your entire house will be carefully packed and moved, without the need from you to move a muscle at all in the process.

Our trained movers will show up at your doorstep with all the boxes and the relevant equipment on the designated moving day, pack all the items that fit into these boxes, pad and stretch-wrap the furniture professionally and wrap the electronics and the beds appropriately.

We’ll do it all in just a few hours, sparing you the misery of living and walking between boxes for weeks!

You can also choose the “Partial Packing” service, which we will pack only your fragile furniture and electronics or any important or delicate items that needs professional attendance.

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