Moving a Piano & Art

Moving a piano without breaking it, is it possible?


Some of the things you need to move need more protection than a simple cardboard box can offer. People accumulate some precious possessions over the years. These items require extra attention and professional attendance while moving them.

Piano for instance is a very delicate and valuable item Emotionally and financially. It’s also a very complicated piece of art and extremely fragile. A vertical (upright) piano can contain roughly up to 6000 parts whereas a grand piano may have up to 12000 parts. This is no toy to play with, this instrument needs to be disassembled, removed and reassembled with cautious and the proper skill of a highly trained professional personnel that has proven wide experience with moving pianos.

Disassembling a piano is quite an expertise by itself. One should have a thorough understanding on how a piano works and a profound knowledge of all the parts that can potentially disengaged while moving.

attending those parts appropriately is the next step, some of them needs securing with padding materials while others require disassembling altogether to prevent damage to the piano.

The actual moving process by itself is really long and tiring. The piano is heavy, extremely heavy. Every step could be a potential unrecoverable damage to this fragile and sensitive instrument.

Every corner should be padded beforehand with shock absorber materials, stairs should be wrapped with soft materials also.

Stairways are a substantial challenge for moving a piano, doesn’t matter if you move the piano downwards or upwards. If you move the piano down the stairs, there’s the gravity that can take charge of your heavy piano and smash it against the wall in a matter of seconds.

If you move the piano up the stairs, it’s even more exhausting task and not less dangerous. It’s extremely heavy and needs to be navigated with extra caution while pushed up. A trained group of movers with a guarded supervisor will surely have a hard time completing this task.

When you opt to look for a moving company to handle the relocation of you precious piano, you must look for one with a verified and proven experience with moving pianos. You can’t afford to gamble on your precious and delicate instrument. The potential disappointment and frustration later don’t worth the alleged savings by choosing an unnamed – unknown moving company.

Don’t be shy, ask and check for references, make calls to past customers who you were referred to, Check online for recommendations and feedbacks. Above all, just don’t buy marketing mottos as they come. Awareness and involvement are the keys to find the best moving company for your piano.

Over the years, We, at Trusted Movers, have developed some effective solutions for moving pianos that were shaped to a whole professional methodical doctrine. We employ a separate and unique team for handling pianos and Every last detail is thought out to prevent the least damage to your piano.

To prevent damage to the piano’s exterior, we strictly wrap blankets and stretch wrapping, then a set of regulate special belts is used to hold and move the piano. Then our qualified staff, which are well-equipped technically for the task, are working as a very well-coordinated team to carefully move the piano between stairways and floors outside the house.

After the musical instrument is accurately and carefully loaded into the truck, it is strictly fixed and stabilized with special fasteners.

After reaching the desired location, this moving mechanism is deployed again, and the piano is carefully taken out and carried to it’s set location within the house, unpacked and professionally reassembled.

Our unique method allows us to move pianos in the shortest time, at a convenient schedule for the customer and to guarantee complete safety to these delicate and expansive instruments.

Trust us, moving pianos is what we do!

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