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Do you find yourself in a situation where you ought to move but still don’t have an immediate place to hold your belongings in? Decided to renovate and have no clue where to put your furniture in the meanwhile? No problem, we have the best storage solution to meet your diverse storing needs.

It happens quite often that people find themselves between homes, whether they sold the house quicker then they thought and had to move to a rather smaller apartment until they found a suitable, permanent and bigger home. Perhaps their home is still being built or renovated. As an outcome of this situations, people are searching for storing services to store their beloved belongings.

We offer to you a secured storing facility which is climate controlled for any period desired and for any capacity you might need, whether you have a few crates of books, a handful of boxes full of your children’s albums or maybe a whole garage full of sentimental stuff you don’t have the heart to throw away just yet – we offer all the storing solutions to match your varying needs.

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